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"Can not say enough positive things about Ajay Business Services! I own not one, but 2 small businesses and I could not do the parts of my job that I LOVE if Judy & Julie didn't help me with the rest! Everything is handled in such a well organized method they make it so even a non-numbers oriented person understands!"
Shannon Komsky
Little Capers - Los Angeles, CA
Tough Cookies - Sherman Oaks, CA

"I'm so glad to have AJAY Business Services on my team. I run a small bakery and it's wonderful to have a great accountant. I strongly recommend AJAY. Have been using them for years."
Joleen J.
Granada Hills, CA

"I love Ajay Business Services! They have helped me grow my business and Judy's advise has has helped me open new revenue streams. All this and they are really nice too!"
Phyllis Chotin
Chotin Communications
Sherman Oaks, CA

"We have used AJAY Business Services since 1998, over 14 years! In fact, they are the ONLY bookkeeper we have ever used. They are more than a bookkeeping and payroll company. They answer all my business book keeping questions and many other business and financial questions as well. I recommend Judy and her team very highly!"
Marc Grover
Owner, Underwater Depot, Inc.

I have had the pleasure of working with Judy and Ajay Business Services for 13 years. They are the best! They have made my life so much easier and are always available to handle my financial needs. They are efficient and very reasonable. I love working with Ajay Business Services and hope to be with them for my entire career. Life would not be the same without their expertise!
Kevin Sands, DDS
Beverly Hills, CA

I have been a client of Ajay Business Services for over 20 years. These guys are great. I highly recommend their services for your business. They do excellent work and they are available whenever you need them. They can only help your business run smoother and be more profitable.
Bryan McMullen, D.C.