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Judy Rona owner of Ajay Business Services


95% of all businesses we've met with can save money and reduce their workload by subscribing to our services with fees you can afford!

The Ajay Difference

The difference between us and "the other guys" is not only the information we provide, but how and when we provide it. We give you timely and accurate reports that allow you to make the important decisions affecting your bottom line. Take the Sample Income Statement as an example. This is a real business we have been working with, not only to crunch the numbers, but monitor spending. Your gross is not what's important, its what you get to keep. In this market, don't you need someone on your team to help you keep what you've earned? Our team is ready to give you the information accurately, timely, and affordably. Give us a call for a free consultation and let's see if we can help. What do you have to lose? It's your money.


"Can not say enough positive things about Ajay Business Services! I own not one, but 2 small businesses and I could not do the parts of my job that I LOVE if Judy & Julie didn't help me with the rest! Everything is handled in such a well organized method they make it so even a non-numbers oriented person understands!"
Shannon Komsky
Little Capers - Los Angeles, CA
Tough Cookies - Sherman Oaks, CA